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The original owner of the domain digitalwire.com was a company called Digital Wire Consulting GmbH that I founded in 1995 in Zurich (Switzerland). It was one of the first ISP/web companies in Switzerland. The company went out of business in 2002 but I retained the domain name just in case I wanted to start something again.

I’ve been fascinated with computers since the early 1980’s when I started to write my first ‘BASIC’ programs. What followed was a series of excursions into all sorts of programming languages, computers and operating systems.
I’ve been a keen follower of Internet technology either through my own ventures or out of sheer interest. But only recently (around 2007ish) have I started again to pay more attention to the computing landscape, as I believe we have entered a new era – the era of ubiquitous computing (aka. the fourth industrial revolution)

This is evident in the rapid change of how we define computers and computing. Smart devices of different forms and types are rapidly arriving in the market at prices that would have been unthinkable. But other factors contribute as well, for example, new generations use computers as if they existed forever – they grew up with this tool and have transformed the computing experience for all of us.

Not since the 1980’s has there been so much innovation in such a short time span. Moore’s law had been upheld all this time, but only recently has it really started to make impact in how we use computers on a very large scale.


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