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The new shiny armor of AI

If we listen to the media, business leaders, and the press, we should be getting behind the AI wagon because of its potential to automate many of the processes everyday companies struggle with. I don’t dismiss this notion entirely because I think it’s true if you have the ability to integrate this technology in a meaningful way. For example, the startup company " scrambl " (full disclosure, I’m a minority investor) is making use of gen-AI by "understanding" CVs (curriculum vitae) from applicants and identifying the skills to match them to open positions. This works great – I have seen this in action, and while there are some misses, most of that "normalization of skills" works. There are other promising examples, such as Q&A systems to understand the documentation of a complex environment. When combined with RAG ( retrieval augmented generation ), this has the potential to significantly reduce the time it takes to make complexities understandable. But